Interviewing amazing People from allover the World, who have a connection to the Superyacht Industry directly and indirectly! Listen to it and you’ll find high valued content in them and also the contact Information.

Interview with Egon Faiss, Founder and Owner of Nedship Group, based in Germany.
Highly specialized in Solar Power on- and offshore as well as the one that you should contact for your Yacht of your Dream.
Highest Quality and high end Services.

Amazing Interview with Melanie Grace, Founder and Owner of CA, Corporate Angels. 
The Premium Staffing Agency for high level Events such as Yacht Show’s, Luxury Real Estate and other great event’s.
If you want the best, choose the best.

Im Gespräch mit Hagen Henning, Schauspieler mit über 34 Jahren Erfahrung, 42+ Produktionen, Erfahrung auf Kreuzfahrtschiffen und Yachten. Für Unterhaltung, Show, Filmscenen in deutscher Sprache mit einem “Seefesten” Schauspieler, Hagen Henning, für die beste Wahl.

Interesting talk with Armin H. Müller, Sommerlier and award winning Gourmet Wine Travel Expert from Europe. He is not only on the shore but also on Yachts you can have an amazing journey to learn about wine and get the inspiration! Combined with a visit on shore! Check it out!

Interview with David Seal, Founder and Owner of Yachts For Sale Blog.
He is one of the first if not even the very firsrt professional Yacht Broker who started with the video-Based Yacht Marketing. His extensiv experience makes him the leader in thes field and here you get his insights! Contact him for his services to be allways some step’s ahead…

An amazing Interview with Awin Tavakoli, Lawyer and Business Advisor, International Speaker and Trainer.
Her huge experience and international knowledge, 6 languages, specialized in Alternative Dispute Resolution and international Contract Drafting, Awin Tavakoli became a very trustworthy and high valued Person for every kind of Businesses. Listen and learn more about her and what’s in it for you…

Awin Tavakoli

When it comes to high quality and unique perfumes, Oksana Souter is the one that provides them. Superyachts require super Perfumes and the know how behind a creation is more than one would think of…

Sonnenschutz, gesunde Haut, Umweltbewusstsein bis hin zum Thema Korallenschutz! Das Interview mit Jürgen Küttel, CEO und Inhaber der Erfolgsunternehmung lifeforce hat diese Möglichkeit geschaffen……. 

It’s not who do you know, it’s who know’s you!

Make sure you get noticed.