Interviewing amazing People from allover the World, who have a connection to the Superyacht Industry directly and indirectly! Listen to it and you’ll find high valued content in them and also the contact Information.

Claude Widmer, an entrepreneur who is on the way to teach and help business owners but also individuals, to become more powerful by using the power of believe. In this day’s it becomes more and more of importance, for what you are working, being and how you can be of high value for yourself and the community. In the yachting world, this is it what is raising up to that leaders need support that goes beyond just the numbers.

Listen to this very honest, natural and insightful interview with Claude Widmer.

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Lex Schutjes, a personality in it’s field in the Yacht and Superyacht Industry who now’s for sure what he is talking and doing about. over 40 years in the maritime “land” with an extremely high quality focus on every aspect you can imagine that takes place in a Yacht construction, refit or sales to check out the condition of a Yacht! When you need an authority to survey your Yacht, a new yacht, or you need a consultant for a new built Yacht, Lex Schutjes is more than just a professional! Your yacht, your project is in the best hands from ground zero to the top!

Stephan Poschik, 6 times serial entrepreneur, also founder of CHC, Corporate Health Consulting, that help companies to stay healthy not only in the money part, but within the companies people-structure, talks about his great approach why it is important to have healthy employees and what that means by the end of a company owner. In the Superyacht world it is extremely important to have healthy employees because the impact for unhealthy staff results in high numbers on the money-side that can start a domino-effect, nobody wants.

When it comes to a master in the movie industry, Darryl Marshak sure is the right choice for what he’s doing. As a A-List Hollywood talent Manager he also worked amongst others with Leonardo die Caprio. There is no doubt at all that I can clearly state, Darryl know what he is talking about. Tested movie became now part in Darryl’s journey, why? Watch the interview with Darryl Marshak and Walter Schmid and engage!

If you think, you need to live close to a see to be successful in Yachting as a Yachtbroker, you will see in this interview, how Cornelius Kistler, a Swiss-Gentlemen, created he’s very successful company after working in another Yachtbroker Company. It is very exceptional and exclusive and a must to watch. This will give you a new perspective on how to think totally out of the box. Check also the website of Cornelius Kistler and see, what you can get as Yachts and Services in the Yachting Industry.

Cornelius Kistler, CEO

Imagine you are the captain of a 55m Superyacht, responsible for the owner, it’s guests and the whole crew! Crossing the oceans allover the world and do successfully end such a great Carriere!
Nigel Marrison
created a unique new Yacht Club, the Conscious Yachting Club which is absolutely unique in it’s kind! Listen here and get many great information and advises from Nigel Marrison.

Nigel Marrison, CEO and Founder
of the Conscious Yachting Club

Peter McNelly, a young and driven personality on it’s way to greatness! He joins the Tested movement with it’s Movie “Tested” based on the clarity he has, the awakening process he went through and his great and growing network to spread out the word, to make this movement a success. Himself, doing videos and photographs, knows what it takes and knows the impact of pictures and movies. Listen, forward this interview and engage on

Peter McNelly


What is Testedmovie about? It’s about a time to wake up, but it’s in real time because it happens now! The Yachting industry need to wake up too, a shift is in move and in this movie it is about life, about being free, but not only there, it does addresses every human being! Glenn Ratcliffe, a genious in the movie industry, created: “An enlightened minister’s faith with God is questioned as he seeks justice for the death of his wife. With his best friend also in the firing line, the road to redemption is clouded.”

Seapearls is in the Yachting World a very exceptional company, lead by Esther Mitsis who by herself used to manage 2 Yacht in the size of 120m and then decided to open up her own company to serve the highest Level of clients to their best. Located in Greece you have a fantastic starting point for a unique and unforgettable Charter experience. But not only this, for requests for other luxury travel options in Greece, Esther does have the right connections and furthermore, it’s her only who will take care on you! In this awesome interview you learn a lot of what you can get and more!

Have you ever heard about Cystic Fibrosis? It’s a genetic disorder that affects mostly the lungs, but also the pancreas, liver, kidneys, and intestine. People who have to deal with this, do have a hard time but not only them, also their partners, families are affected as for the one who has it, it means to work on this on a daily basis. This requires time, money, patience and a lot of love! See here in this interview with Lauren, Jackie, Jordan and Adam, what this means but much more, what you can do to support and even get connected with great, awesome and caring people! Also go to and give your best you can do as you know, you get what you give…

Jackie, Lauren, Jordan, Adams

Companies need structure and processes, clarity and a standard operation procedure. To scale a business you need to have everything in place. But, How can you do this? Mona Tenjo, a very experienced power woman who know’s exactly how to create, correct, adjust and implement processes, to structure your business in order to scale your business and even be ready to sell it for a huge profit. And if you think you stuck somehow but you have no clue where to start and what to do, Mona Tenjo is the one you need to contact and she will give you the guidance you need. Why Mona? Because it’s a One-Stop Contact.

Im Gespräch mit Hagen Henning, Schauspieler mit über 34 Jahren Erfahrung, 42+ Produktionen, Erfahrung auf Kreuzfahrtschiffen und Yachten. Für Unterhaltung, Show, Filmscenen in deutscher Sprache mit einem “Seefesten” Schauspieler, Hagen Henning, für die beste Wahl.

Interesting talk with Armin H. Müller, Sommerlier and award winning Gourmet Wine Travel Expert from Europe. He is not only on the shore but also on Yachts you can have an amazing journey to learn about wine and get the inspiration! Combined with a visit on shore! Check it out!

Interview with David Seal, Founder and Owner of Yachts For Sale Blog.
He is one of the first if not even the very firsrt professional Yacht Broker who started with the video-Based Yacht Marketing. His extensiv experience makes him the leader in thes field and here you get his insights! Contact him for his services to be allways some step’s ahead…

An amazing Interview with Awin Tavakoli, Lawyer and Business Advisor, International Speaker and Trainer.
Her huge experience and international knowledge, 6 languages, specialized in Alternative Dispute Resolution and international Contract Drafting, Awin Tavakoli became a very trustworthy and high valued Person for every kind of Businesses. Listen and learn more about her and what’s in it for you…

Awin Tavakoli

When it comes to high quality and unique perfumes, Oksana Souter is the one that provides them. Superyachts require super Perfumes and the know how behind a creation is more than one would think of…

Sonnenschutz, gesunde Haut, Umweltbewusstsein bis hin zum Thema Korallenschutz! Das Interview mit Jürgen Küttel, CEO und Inhaber der Erfolgsunternehmung lifeforce hat diese Möglichkeit geschaffen……. 

Jürgen Küttel

Buying, selling or chartering a Yacht, a Superyacht, requieres professional support and the right Yacht Broker and Management Company that can deal with all aspects you need. Bob Denison from Denison Yachting is the one you need to get in contact with. To become a Yacht Owner, there are uncountable tasks to fullfil, make sure that you have the ones  you need to have fun and joy with your Yacht. Watch this interview and realise, what the difference is, by choosing Denison Yachting.

If it comes to communication in the World of Yachts, challenges are guaranteed! This is the moment you become very happy when you have the perfect company, the perfect person who can help you there. Pippa Nicholas, the womanpower in the Yachtproject Market, is the right and perhaps only choice you have to realy get what you need, what sustains, what works. Her very extensive Know how goes back decades to the very beginning of this kind of technology. I don’t know anybody else the here with such and incredible, on the spot focused experience. Listen to this unique Interview and learn, whath others can’t provide.

Pippa Nicholas


When it comes to high quality and unique Career Coach & Mentor, Allisha Ali is the one you need to get in touch! Watch this great Interview with Allisha, whether you are in the Yachting or on-shore, she is able to connect with your need’s even though you may not know which they are, she will find them and can help you to reach out for your next destination successfully…

Bruce Buffer !!!
Get ready for this Interview with the World’s Nr. 1 Ring Announcer and Entrepreneur!
It was a blessing for my to have this opportunity to talk with Bruce, a great Celebrity, totally grounded and with a huge heart! This Interview litteraly changed my life forever in so many aspects to the better…

Bruce Buffer

Do you want to know, what artistry has to do with real estate? Interested to change your life to the better forever? Frank McKinney, the incredible successful, passionate, real, raw and very humble real estet artist, book author and so much more! See this awesome interview and become ASPIRED! Because this is, what makes the difference an enables you to leave your legacy!

For Yacht Charter, Yacht Sales and all that is attached to this fantastic topic, Nicole Haboush in south Florida is the perfect contact you need to approach!

She understands the talk and she walks the talk! Trust, accuracy, reliability and the detail to perfection is what makes it unique to charter a Yacht from Nicole Haboush. And this not only for the huge Yachts but for every kind of Yacht, Boat you want to charter:

Nicole Haboush Yacht Charters
on Facebookon Instagram


Paulie Kazanofski, this Interview contains lot’s of great advises, life-stories that you can use for yourself too! “Uncle Paulie” is one of the rare successful entrepreneurs who strives for success to help and support others whereever he can. He is not only so humble but also always looking to help others! Real Estate, buying, selling, flipping and more but also Coaching of Clients in the real estate and also other industries are his dailies duty’s! You have a property for sale? Or want to buy a house? Talk to “Uncle Paulie” and you’ll get what you want and need!

Paul Kazanofski (Uncle Paulie!)

fb: PaulieKazanofski

Bob Schutte, Yacht Broker for not only Superyachts but also other Yachts with a connection to about 2000 Yachts. He’s not a regular Yacht Broker. The way Clients get experienced by working with Bob, is exceptional and unique. The Netherlands are known for sustainable products, for reliability and for a clear strategy when it comes to business. As a Yacht buyer, you can count on Bob and you can count on what he say and do. Get some great content out of this interview and just get connected with Bob for your questions and request regarding Yachts!

Great Interview with Mark Darmanin Kissaun, Director of S&DYachts, based in Malta.
It’s more than just selling yachts, serving owners, offer crewing, its just everything you need and have looked for in the Yachting Industry. If you are looking for the right company, the right people in the mediterranen see, you better get in touch with Mark Kissaun…

Are you looking for one of the greatest Superyacht Brokers with an incredible background and power in the Yacht Industry?
I got him for a great Interview!
Thom Conboy, US Director of Sales for Heesen Yachts, worldwide known as the top Brand in the Superyacht Industry where he shares high value content…

Neni Carolina Chacin is one of the very rare Coaches that are able and also dedicated to offering the combination of Coaching, singing, automation, and much more. Her journey is astonishing and incredibly interesting. For whatever reason, you want to get coached with art combined with technique from a unique and hard-to-find coach, Neni is definitively the right choice!

Neni Carolina Chacin

As one of the founders of Globe Regal Yachting, an amazing company in the Yachting market started to arise very successfully and consistently.
This is not a coincidence because by focussing on the larger Yachts, the specialization into particularly this niche made Globe Regal Yachting a recognized and respected Yacht Broker company that delivers not only the sales but all that is necessary to buy, run and maintain a Superyacht through the whole life-cycle.
You want to feel safe and treated the way a Yacht-owner wants to be? Bill Thiem and Globe Regal Yachting is the address to go to!

Bill Thiem, Globe Regal Yachting


Art is not just an art. It’s a life style, a journey, a passion, a story. When it comes to art, Oliver Hojas defines a very unique kind of art, not just paintings but the power of creating art that talks to you. Inspiration is just a surface for him, it goes deeper, it goes aspirational, and it even goes beyond it. Oliver Hojas Art can’t be described in words to really transfer any information that would fit in, you can only experience it, when you have it, for yourself, in your environment. Whether it’s in your living room, your entrance room, or in your Yacht to give it the final touch, it is there where you get the full impact on what it means to own a masterpiece of Oliver Hojas.

Oliver Hojas

Nicole Cowley defines the Chiropractic market in a new way. Technology does not stop, even if a market is related to work “on hands” and there it is, where Nicole step’s in. Her passion and desire to support and help chiropractors to improve their businesses, to get more clients and to sustain in there business is just one part of her amazing services. Speaking to spread out her great knowledge, being the one person with the one solution for so many chiropractic companies is another angle. You as a chiropractor can only win by listening and connecting with Nicole Cowley and it does not matter, where in the world you are, because technique makes it happen.

Nicole Cowley


From a Superyacht Captain to a Charterprogram producer and Entrepreneur! Matthias du Verle did the huge change and successfully transitioned into the Charter market with a unique and very powerful program to make the live of a Yachtcharter company not only easier but also more effective. Hear in this amazing Interview, what the journey looks like and what advices you can get out of it! Not only worth, but great to listen to this awesome story of a life of a former Superyacht Captain, Matthias du Verle!

Matthias du Verle

If you want to have the connection to a high energised, educated and experienced Coach who show’s you how to use the internet, Multimedia consulting online. Information, videos, and assessments à la carte and much more, Doc Reo is the name you search for! You love to listen to inspiring content on a Radio? Doc Reo maintains, run’s and own’s his Doc Reo Radio on air where you can find lot’s of great value, fun, entertainment, lessons of life as Doc Reo know’s what it means, to fight for success and fulfilment!

Interview with Egon Faiss, Founder and Owner of Nedship Group, based in Germany.
Highly specialized in Solar Power on- and offshore as well as the one that you should contact for your Yacht of your Dream.
Highest Quality and high end Services.

Amazing Interview with Melanie Grace, Founder and Owner of CA, Corporate Angels.
The Premium Staffing Agency for high level Events such as Yacht Show’s, Luxury Real Estate and other great event’s.
If you want the best, choose the best.

It’s not who do you know, it’s who know’s you!

Make sure you get noticed.