The Book on Superyacht Sales

7 Swiss Top Secrets To Success

If you are a CEO of a Yacht Broker Company, or an independent Yachtbroker, a Yacht Club President, a CEO of a Yacht Charter Company, a Salesperson for any other Luxury Products, then this is for You!

The World’s #1 “Sales Book” for Superyachts Sales that talks about communication

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Chapters in the Book

Foreword by Raymond Aaron /
New York Times Bestselling Author

Chapter 1: The Sales Land of Uniqueness

Chapter 2: Think Rich, Play Precise

Chapter 3: Your Personality, Global but Local

Chapter 4: Create a Relationsship and…

Chapter 5: Mistakes and Lessons

Chapter 6: The Art of Communication

Chapter 7: Show Must Go On

Chapter 8: The Seven Swiss Top Secrets

Chapter 9: Create Your Own Recipe

Chapter 10: Take Action and Get it Done

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Sales is a topic for every company, despite the size and products offered.
Bottom line is “if you can’t sell, you can’t succeed”.

In the Yachting, Pictures are a powerfull too, but combined with a great communication skill, you are 8 steps ahead.

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What is in the 7 Swiss Top Secrets?


-Serve the majesty
-The game of secrecy
-You are never alone on stage
-Stay neutral, no matter what
-Choose the right environment or change it
-Implant unconscious engagement
-Quality, quality, quality
-Final word 

The Author of the Book implemented his experience in the Sales in diverse Markets, after realising what huge difference the results shows, by using the Secrets, the trainings and coachings.
How you sell is how your result will be.
Change your communication, and the sales will change too, immediately.
Here you have the basic content of the 7 Swiss Top Secrets, on how to be different and more effectiv.

The Author of the Book on “Superyacht Sales, 7 Swiss Top Secrets to Success
provides Services in the Luxury Market as a:

Sales / Negotiation / Leadership Communication / Crew-training / Crisis-trainings (as a former Police Officer)

Expertise to coach and practice Business-Connections for you.